Thursday, 7 January 2016

Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Looking to start your own home business?
there are many ways to make money from home... one of the most obvious - yet with the highest failure rate is selling stuff on ebay.
Now i'm not talking about selling your old junk in the garage... I'm referring to buying low and selling high to make a profit.

we've done it in computer game auction houses when we were younger, but now it's in real life with real $$$, the game gets a little tricker.

Enter Matt and Amanda Clarkson!

This couple have already done it and are teaching people their method to making this a reality.

I haven't done the course myself but from the results i've heard about from some of their graduates and their own personal results... it looks amazing. If you are looking to find out some more info on this subject, and skip the hardship of learning from your own mistakes... here are some information links i've found on them.

Amanda Clarkson 12 Questions with amanda clarkson

News article on both Matt and Amanda Clarkson

if you want more information, you can check out their website at or even better, get their e-book that describes in detail what they teach you in their course.

Their eBook on Amazon - as an introduction to their course they offer an ebook with the basics of what they have done.
its also available on the apple iTunes store here: Their eBook on iTunes.

Also Check out these news articles:

news article at Daily Motion
and yet another Article at the Courier Mail in Brisbane HERE

So check them out.


The New faces of Bullet Websites

It has been a very long time since my last post here. So here is a quick update on what has been happening at bullet websites.

We have released several new brands under the "My" group banner. We thought it a great idea to provide not just website creation services, but all the services that a business would need to run a successful online business.

So here is what we've been working on:

My-Designer.Agency - The my designer agency is a place for designers and project managers to get support with running their design agency.

My-Cloud.Agency - Rather than being a reseller for another established web hosting company (like all our competitors do), we decided to build our own using the Amazon AWS EC2 servers.
Was a much larger undertaking than we first predicted, but now we now have a top of the line Australian based web hosting service. We also provide domain registration and management, Dedicated servers, virtual desktops, and cloud computing services for SASS applications. - Wordpress template based website designs, affordable solutions for complete wordpress sites done right.

SMX.Agency - Social Media Exchange, simply a way to get your message accross multiple social media channels without having to re-post dozens of times in a repetitive nightmare. We also offer comprehensive SEO services.

We have also partnered with to offer online training and business consulting/management/franchising services to our My-Designer Members.

So the new face of bullet websites is multi-faceted, and has many exciting avenues to explore.
There is more to come, expect more posts as we also start to ramp up our online presence.

Nathan Bullock

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Computer Nerds are the next stage of human evolution!

After spending a ridiculous amount of time today posting in forums and writing content for my website *shameless plug* Bullet Websites - web design central coast Sydney (lol) I've had a epiphany.  
Computer Nerds are the next stage of human evolution!!

why? because we have the internet!

Computer Nerds rule the internet...  which has grown from a few computers connected by a long cable - to this "thing" that we can't imagine life without... which is really just a few computers connected by a long cable (x10 to the infinity :D)

We also have computers... computers that do things so fast that we casually refer to them in GigaHertz, which means a damn lot of things per second.
We send them to do our bidding in outer space and all sorts of nerdy things.

We also have a collective electrical brain that we can communicate  like magic with... no wires or strings attached.
*pulls out iphone and checks wiki for how many cycles in a GHz*
Computer nerds everywhere have all the knowledge of other nerds around the entire world.

The internet has become such a living breathing thing and integrated into our existence so completely, that we are moving forward and evolving a collective resource that makes us nerds evolve at a faster rate than primitive humans.

so yes, us nerds are the alpha.
and if you've taken the time to read this...
 *points from inside your browser*
 you're a computer nerd too!

**ps. this post is VERY nerdy, and i'm a computer nerd, but the guy in the other image wins** lol ;)

Nathan Bullock - Bullet Websites Central Coast Sydney Australia

Friday, 30 November 2012

The Bullet Websites Blog on blogger web design central coast sydney newcastle NSW Australia

Hi Everyone, just thought I'd give this blogger thing a go. my website design website is Bullet Websites - web design Sydney Newcastle Central Coast NSW Australia and I have a bunch of articles there on website design and tips to get your new business website.
So drop by and send us a message.
I'll put some more content up here soon, Peace out.

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