Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Computer Nerds are the next stage of human evolution!

After spending a ridiculous amount of time today posting in forums and writing content for my website *shameless plug* Bullet Websites - web design central coast Sydney (lol) I've had a epiphany.  
Computer Nerds are the next stage of human evolution!!

why? because we have the internet!

Computer Nerds rule the internet...  which has grown from a few computers connected by a long cable - to this "thing" that we can't imagine life without... which is really just a few computers connected by a long cable (x10 to the infinity :D)

We also have computers... computers that do things so fast that we casually refer to them in GigaHertz, which means a damn lot of things per second.
We send them to do our bidding in outer space and all sorts of nerdy things.

We also have a collective electrical brain that we can communicate  like magic with... no wires or strings attached.
*pulls out iphone and checks wiki for how many cycles in a GHz*
Computer nerds everywhere have all the knowledge of other nerds around the entire world.

The internet has become such a living breathing thing and integrated into our existence so completely, that we are moving forward and evolving a collective resource that makes us nerds evolve at a faster rate than primitive humans.

so yes, us nerds are the alpha.
and if you've taken the time to read this...
 *points from inside your browser*
 you're a computer nerd too!

**ps. this post is VERY nerdy, and i'm a computer nerd, but the guy in the other image wins** lol ;)

Nathan Bullock - Bullet Websites Central Coast Sydney Australia

Friday, 30 November 2012

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